Friday, September 9, 2011

Installing Revenge Of the Titans on XBMC Live

I recently purchased the Humble Bundle 3 and have been setting up the games to run on my XBMC Live Box.  Here is a short guide to installing Revenge of the Titans on XBMC Live.

Step 1 - install Java
First follow my guide to installing Java on XBMC Live.

Step 2 - get the .deb file
Download the deb file from the Humble Bundle website.  You will need to transfer the deb file to the home folder on your XBMC Live box, my guide to using FileZilla to copy files to XBMC Live.

Step 3 - install the game
Open a terminal, see 3 ways to access the terminal on your XBMC Live box,  and enter the following.

sudo dpkg -i  RevengeOfTheTitans-HIB-18012-i386.deb

Step 4 - create launcher script
There are 2 ways to do this the command line way or the GUI way

The command line way:

mkdir scripts

cd scripts


now paste in this:

fluxbox &
killall -9 fluxbox

Now press Ctrl+X and then Y to save and exit

chmod +x

The GUI way:
Using FileZilla create a folder called "scripts" in the home folder on your XBMC Box.

Download this file and copy it to the "scripts" folder.

Give the file execute permissions, first right click and then select "File Permissions".  Check all the "execute" checkboxes and hit ok.

Step 5 - Add shortcut to launcher
Now you just need to set up a shortcut to the game launcher script in the XBMC Launcher Addon.  Follow my guide to Add a Shortcut to Launcher Add-on in XBMC to create a shortcut for the new script file.

And that's it, you can now launch the game by going "Programs" -> "Launcher".

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