Friday, September 9, 2011

Add a Shortcut to Launcher Add-on in XBMC

This is a short guide on installing and adding a shortcut to the XBMC Launcher Add-on.  It is part of a series I am doing on installing Humble Bundle 3 on XBMC Live.

Installing Launcher Add-on
Go to "Settings" -> "Add-ons"

Now select "Program Add Ons"

Select Launcher and choose "Install"

Adding a Shortcut
Start the Launcher Add-on from the "Programs" menu, if it is the first time you have run it you will be prompted to add a shortcut straight away.  Otherwise click on one of the existing menu items and select "Add New Launcher"

Choose "Stand Alone(Normal PC Executable)"

Select the location of the script file

Now just leave the script arguments blank and give the shortcut a sensible name.

And that's it you can now launch you script from the Launcher menu.

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