Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meego on HTC Desire, Nexus One and Dell Streak

If you've been following the development of Meego and are hanging out for some hardware to actually run the handset version on you might be in luck.  Some crafty guys have managed to get the Meego running on the HTC Desire, Dell Streak and Nexus  One using a modified version of the ARM based Nokia N900 ROM.  The project seems to be in its early stages and of course the Meego handset edition is nowhere near ready for prime time at the moment but if you're like me and you're dying to try it out without forking out for an N900 then things are looking promising.

You can read the juicy details over at the Meego wiki:

You can check out a video of Meego actually running on the HTC Desire below:

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