Thursday, September 23, 2010

Installing Synergy in Meego

I love Meego on my Asus eee 1000HA and figured I would incorporate it into my work setup as a third screen for email etc.

The Meego home screen for those not familiar with it.

Obviously I wanted to be able to control everything from the same keyboard and mouse so I figured I would use one of my favourite apps - Synergy.  If you haven't used Synergy before check it out here.  It allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse to control several computers, great if you have multiple computers on your desk.

One of the great features is that it is cross platform and works with Linux, Windows and OSX.  As it turns out it is really simple to set up in Meego, just one line at the terminal in fact:

sudo yum install quicksynergy

FYI: to open the terminal in Meego go:
"applications" tab ->System->Terminal

This actually installed quicksynergy which includes a GUI for managing connections.  To start quicksynergy just type "quicksynergy" at the terminal or go:
"applications" tab ->Internet->QuickSynergy

The QuickSynergy UI running in Meego V1.0

If you are interested in running Meego you need to check your hardware compatibility first, a list of supported hardware is here.  As you'll notice it's a pretty short list, I'm using it on a Asus 1000HA
which is one of the few supported platforms.  If you do have the right hardware it's well worth checking out.

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