Thursday, March 29, 2012

Launch Chromium in fullscreen in XBMCbuntu Eden

On my new XBMCbuntu install the "Advanced Launcher" addon had a "chromium-browser" launcher configured by default.  Unfortunately when running the launcher chromium started but was only taking up half the screen(the maximise button was also missing and keyboard shortcuts would not increase the window size).  After some googling and no success I decided to roll my own solution which is as follows:

First SSH into your XBMCbuntu install and enter the following(if you are not comfortable using SSH simply log out of XBMC and log into openbox from the login screen then open a terminal and follow these steps)

mkdir scripts

cd scripts


then paste(ctrl + shift + v at the terminal)  this in and save(ctrl + x and then y to confirm)

openbox &
killall -9 openbox

then run 

chmod +x

Now in XBMCbuntu go to the "Advanced Launcher" and right click the "chromium-browser" launcher and select "Edit Launcher" then select "Advanced Modifications" then "Change Application" and select the script you made in the previous steps which is located at /home/xbmc/scripts/


  1. thanks for your post. unfortunately the script is not starting chromium on my system. the xbmcbuntu desktop screen shows up for a second and on the left upper corner you can see xbmc and the launcher in small window before they are gone and xbmc comes back. any ideas?

    1. Did you give execute permissions to the script? ie the line "chmod +x"

      Seems like that could be the issue, if it does not work let me know and i can help you try to debug it further.

  2. Thank you for this info, I have it set up and it launches chromium in a full window, except that I get no sound from the browser (videos, etc.). I get proper sound via XBMC playback and I get proper sound from the chromium when it is launched via XBMCbuntu, but no sound via chromium when launched through XBMC. Do you have any idea what could be going on or how I can fix it?

    1. I'll have a look when I get home, are you running sound via hdmi?

    2. I'm having the same issue, yah sound is via HDMI and it works fine everywhere else just not in chromium from the adv launcher.

    3. I had the same issue and found a workaround: after switching off menu sounds in XBMC the sound worked in chromium and other programs launched through the Advanced Launcher.

      It seems XBMC does not release the sound device when programs are launched.

    4. Hey "People with no sound in browser but sound in XMBC",

      Under XBMCbuntu install "PulseAudio Volume Control" go to the "Configuration" tab and select the appropriate profile for your internal audio. Since I required audio through HDMI I selected this option.

      BEWARE that you may lose audio playback in XMBC if so just return the values to the defaults and it's a Champaign Super Nova.

    5. I just can find this on my XBCMbuntu install.
      If press ALT+F2 and enter Pavucontrol nothing happends.

      Alreday tried to install it by using sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins "pulseaudio-*" but install does not continue because I should have latest version installed?

      Any idea what to do ?

  3. Hi, thanks for your article.
    I have the same issue of the first user: the launcher shows an XBMCbuntu desktop for a moment, then it disappears and it comes back to the XBMC.
    The scripts has the rw permissions to all.
    Could you help me?

    1. hmmmm... I can't seem to replicate it. Can you check the file and make sure that when it was pasted it has not replaced the & with & I think some browsers will do this when copying and pasting. Also are you using the latest XBMC Eden release if you are on Dharma you will need to replace "openbox" in the script with "fluxbox".

    2. damn it's escaping the ampersand in my comment, it may have replaced & with &amp then a ; is what i was trying to say

  4. Hi, it seems to be the issue you described!
    I have just copied and pasted into a fresh file, checked the permissions and all it works!
    I'm writing from XBMC...

    Many thanks,

    PS: is there a way to set the font size? I need it for Skype launcher.

  5. Thanks this worked perfectly. I had the sound the problem but I was able to fix it.

  6. Hi, this script works!! But, I got the same problem with audio (using hdmi). There is no sound :(

    At xbmcbuntu-desktop with "PulseAudio Volume Control" I can have sound, but if i execute chromium within XBMC there is no sound.
    Could you help me? Thanks for your work!

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