Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dual Boot Meego on the Nokia N900

Last week the latest image of Meego for the Nokia N900 was officially released so I figured I'd pick up an N900 and give it a try.

Nokia N900 Unlocked Phone/Mobile Computer with 3.5-Inch Touchscreen, QWERTY, 5 MP Camera, Maemo Browser, 32 GB--U.S. Version with Full Warranty
The Nokia N900
While Meego is coming along(particularly the Netbook version) the latest N900 release is definitely just for developers, testers and hackers and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for everyday use.  There are a lot of rough edges at the moment but it's nice to get a look at what Intel and Nokia have in store for us.  While you probably won't see Meego handsets hitting the market till around Q3  2011 hopefully we'll see some more complete and usable builds for the N900 coming out before then.  I'll be taking a more in depth look at Meego and the N900 in general but for now here is a short video of Meego running on my N900 dual booted with Maemo 5.

If you're interested in dual booting Meego and Maemo 5 you can follow the  instruction found here:


  1. N900 is worth every penny, it really is a hackers delight... I have nitdriod booted on mine currently. Another project to keep your eye on... N900 will be fully running all major Linux mobile operating systems by mid way next year I am betting :)

  2. @Jeff91 yeah i think nitroid will be going on this weekend. although i've been messing around with it so much i might do a factory reset first. Is the wifi working ok on nitdroid for you? last time i checked it was only partially supported.